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Ana Kaloni Statement

The Kaloni team has 8 years of experience in manufacturing footwear, leather goods and accessories for international brands and all customer’s typologies. It stands out by its excellent prices while using best quality materials!!

Premium and prestige raw materials are used in our workshop in order to give birth to our original ideas. Whatever you want, we can make it:
from casual urban wear to either elegant and sophisticated ones or modern and futuristic ones.
Once the prototypes are made in agreement with the brand policies and the designer’s wishes, The delivery will take places according to the clauses.

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Ana Kaloni
Phone nr: 004 0726 726 863
Email: office@anakaloni.ro / ana.kaloni@yahoo.com
Adress: Nr.21 Pache Protopopescu Blvd, Et. 2 Apt. 3, Sect. 2 Bucharest, Romania

RO 21310284

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